Idea Station

This page will be dedicated to ideas that I want to turn into actions. Feel free to use the ideas, add to them, give your opinion on them, or team up with me to see them through.

1) Supplying used computers to those in need.

I started this project out of my garage and would like it to become a real, non-profit organization. From family, friends, my job and even complete strangers I collect unwanted computers and parts, recycle what is non-working and reuse what still functions. I give whatever working computers, monitors, mice, and keyboards to people who can’t afford to buy one. The only stipulation I have is that the computers are used for educational purposes. With this most recent recession, there have been a number of people displaced from their jobs and returning to school so they can be more employable. This project has had an overwhelming response as far as needs go, but very little in the way of help and partnerships to make the project take off.

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