State your name:

Alan Lubnow
Where are you currently located?:

Macomb, Michigan
What have you studied?:

In school I studied graphic arts, computer aided drafting and design, journalism and English literature. I never finished college because I became so involved in my job, working in the automotive industry. Outside of school I have studied just about everything. I am a fairly talented, self-taught artist. I am the grandson of a professional photographer. I have always had a fascination with photography. I still snap photos every chance I get and usually have some form of camera on me at all times. I am the son of an engineer, so I grew up in the auto industry. There was always some sort of mechanically involved project going on at home.
What else are you into?:

In the past I would use my mechanical design skills to make my own bicycle parts. I have some welding and machining skills as well. I’m definitely a tinkerer. Home improvements, computer repairs and maintenance, motorcycle rebuilding and customization, just about anything.
What are you currently involved in?:

I work full time for a small engineering company. My job isn’t particularly defined. I do multiple jobs there, but absolutely love the variety. It keeps the job fresh, plus I get to see, do, and learn so many things. On the side I do photo editing, create slideshows, convert VHS home movies to DVD, and create other projects all from my home office. I create things for people that allow them to enjoy their memories in new ways and share them with others. Most of the projects I have done were arranged by referral, although I do advertise by business card, through Facebook and via blog. I can’t forget church. My family is fairly involved in a young church in Shelby Township, Michigan (The Eastside Vineyard). We volunteer there and we like to help out in the community as well.
What do you have planned for 2013?:

The biggest things on my list are to advertise like crazy and take on as much work as possible. I want to transition into photography/photo editing/graphic design/mechanical design as a full-time thing. I am currently re-studying graphic arts. Things have changed a lot since the late ’90s. I originally studied on an older Mac running OS 9 because it was current at the time. Today’s tools are much more advanced. I still know enough to get by but I want to get fully up to speed.
Any dream projects or jobs?:

My grandfather was pretty good photographer. He had his own business and he did a lot of work for the Detroit Athletic Club. He photographed some really high-profile people. It was actually because of him that I fell in love with black and white photography. That was what he mainly used. My dream project is to make a digital archive of his work. I’m sure he has boxes of photos and negatives around his house. He brought out his best cameras at family gatherings so I know there are at least family photos still around. I have talked to my brother about this before and he seems to like the idea. We just need to get the ball rolling. As for a dream job, just working for myself and doing the things I love. Being creative and getting paid to do it.

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