Adventures In Charity: How I Got Started

A few years ago, I helped a coworker do some computer work. I will admit it is something I did not want to do. At this point in my life I was very unhappy with my job, unhappy that I lost a good job, and so unhappy with the people I had to work with. I felt sorry for the guy, so I agreed to help him. He didn’t have anyway to pay for the work I did, which was fine. I didn’t want to be paid. Instead, he gave me all the extra computer parts he had. I played around with some of the parts and managed to make a working computer. It was fairly outdated and I had no use or room for an extra computer so I offered it up for free online. Within 12 hours I had over 100 people asking for that single computer.

More than 100 people, part of one, small online community in Macomb County, Michigan. I couldn’t believe it. Computers seem so commonplace. Who doesn’t have a computer? Apparently, many people. The reasons for needing a computer were mostly the same for the group seeking my solitary machine; education. People who are homeschooling, the jobless looking to become employable, parents who want their kids to keep up with their peers, and one grandparent taking care of a special needs child. It was difficult to just pick one person. Who am I to decide who is more deserving? I finally settled on a couple who uprooted their life in Georgia to come pastor a new Church in Marine City. I didn’t believe they were more deserving. I simply believed that one computer could make a larger impact that way.

Ever since that posting, I have had  a project on my mind. A charitable effort to help people gain access to everyday technology. It has finally launched, in the form of a ministry. Partnering with The Eastside Vineyard Church, my home church, we are spreading the word and working to make an impact mainly for the sake of education.


To be continued…


For more information about The Eastside Vineyard Church, click here.

To know more about TEVC Computer Pantry, from The Eastside Vineyard website, click on “what we do” and then click on “computer pantry” or click here.


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