The OUTSIDE Vineyard Church

Dan Kopp's Blog

Lots of churches plan to have an outdoor service in the summer months. We didn’t. But we had one last Sunday anyway. 🙂

Before I talk about two days ago, let me begin by talking about 12 years ago. When I was going to seminary out in California, a few times I went to check out a church called Mosaic. This was the church led by Erwin McManus, but it was before Erwin got on the national radar.

They met right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, renting a place called Club Soho. It was owned by Prince, who at the time was known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. 🙂 So it was a bar 6 nights a week and a church on Sundays.

I arrived at Mosaic and found out that for whatever reason, the club was unavailable that Sunday. So they had church in the…

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