Lacking WiFi…

I usually update this site on my lunch break. I especially like to do the Lunch Hour Revolution posts at this time as well. However, over the past couple weeks, there has been a problem; no WiFi at work. It seems our new wireless router at work will let us connect our devices, but will not connect us to the internet. All computers connect over ethernet work just fine. This has affected my blogging and my online class completion.

So, I have come up with a solution that will help me out. My office is at the back of our building and does not have an ethernet connection nor does the WiFi signal reach that far. My job does not require a computer (I am forced to do things the old fashioned way; physical copies, clipboards, pads of paper, and pens), so my office was neglected. We did, however, at one point have a job tracking computer in the room next to my office and there is an ethernet connection there. 

My plan: take my AirPort Express to work, connect it in the room next to my office and create my own, personal WiFi network. My coworkers will not be filled in on this information and my lunch time work can continue!


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