I Sometimes Wonder About Heaven

Information is my ultimate craving. I like to know how things work. I love to know the reasons behind situations, why and how things work. To learn about how something works, I usually take it apart. This helps me to see and touch the the why and how.The things I can’t touch though, keep me wondering.

Sometimes, I find myself wondering about heaven. There are many accounts about heaven. People claim to have been there and back, but there is only one person I know who has for sure been there and back; Jesus Christ. His description of heaven doesn’t give me all the details I crave. I truly believe heaven is the wonderful place the Bible says it is, but I love to know how things work. How does heaven work? And, it’s not so much about how heaven works but more specifically, how will work in heaven? How much of this worldly man will still exist in heaven?

The most specific thing about heaven I wonder about can be summed up like this: I have so many questions about the world, the universe, existence, myself, the devil, humanity, history, etc. Will those questions be answered in heaven? If so, how? Will there be a Heaven 101 class? Do I get to have Peter as a teacher and sit at a desk to learn all the basics? After that do I take a class where all my specific questions are answered? Is it like adding songs to an iPod? When you get to heaven, all the rules, regulations, and secrets of the universe are uploaded to your brain? Or, do you become so enlightened and content that all your worldly desires completely vanish and you don’t even care about those questions anymore?

I know I have to wait for the answer. Waiting may actually be the best part. It builds up my anticipation and I bet the real thing will be better than I could ever imagine.


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