The Lunch Hour Revolution #5

These posts are intended for people who claim they are “too busy” to pursue things that we think should be done in our spare time. Spare time just doesn’t fall in your lap. You have to make time. These posts will focus on things that can be done in the little time set aside for lunch.

Last week, I spent the majority of my lunch breaks getting ready for a weekend project. My wife and I decided to use the long holiday weekend to do some landscaping work which consisted of; filling in low spots with topsoil and grass seed, spraying weed killer, fertilizing, and tearing out our old mulch and replacing it with new. Getting everything together for a landscaping project can be time consuming, so over my lunch breaks I made a supply list,  gathered up the supplies I needed, and called around for the best price on mulch. Most of this was done on my smartphone so I will let you know what apps(Android) I used.

Yellow Pages, Where, and Google Now.

Let me know what projects you work on at lunch via message or in the comments below.


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