The hardware, apps, peripherals, and services I use to get things done.


I found this app a few weeks ago and I started using it for every aspect of my life. It’s a simple to-do list app that works with iOS, Android, and on the web. I have used other services before and there are other services I still use, but I have always had a hard time finding a simple yet powerful way to make lists. Most services pack way too much in their apps and making a to-do list isn’t so simple. Other services have a to-do feature that seems like it was an afterthought. I work a 9-to-5, I have this blog, I edit photos on the side, I have pet projects, my family, I volunteer at church, and so on. I have lists of things to do for multiple things in my life. Astrid keeps it separate, yet together. Everything is organized, shareable, and I’m able to view my lists from anywhere. I couldn’t ask for more.

ImageEvery item from all your lists are displayed on the “My Tasks” page. This is great if you want the big picture. You should also notice that the name of the list each task is on, is listed under the task name. If you scheduled a “due date” for the task, that is listed below the name as well. When creating a task, you have the option to assign a due date reminder and add it to your phone’s (or Google) calendar. You can even assign an individual task to a contact in your phone or share an entire list with someone. Whenever you check the box next to a task, it is removed from your list so it’s out of sight and out of mind.

ImageIf you want to view and individual list, tap “My Tasks” and drop down menu shows the lists you currently have. There are even some defaults included like “Home” and “Shopping.” Adding tasks is also a snap. You have the ability to speak or type the task.

ImageWhen adding a list, you can add a description so when you share it with someone they will know what this list is for.

If you hate having post-it notes all over, I would definitely recommend getting this app. All you need is a Google or Facebook account.

Android, iOS


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