The Lunch Hour Revolution #2

These posts are intended for people who claim they are “too busy” to pursue things that we think should be done in our spare time. Spare time just doesn’t fall in your lap. You have to make time. These posts will focus on things that can be done in the little time set aside for lunch.

Last time around you made a list. This week I want to help you refine that list. My suggestions may cause you to cross things off or even add some things. Here they are in no particular order.

1) Movies

If you can remember things fairly well, catch up on your movies over a couple lunch breaks. This requires something to play the video back, so a portable DVD player, laptop, or digital video on an iPod or smartphone and some headphones would be necessary.

2) Books

Just like the first item on this list, if you can remember where you left off in a book, try reading at lunch. It’s still relaxing too!

3) Magazines

If you don’t have the patience to read a book, magazines are a great alternative and they can be a great source of information. At one point I was subscribing to over 10 magazines at the same time! I love to read and many of the magazines I like are very educational.

4) Blog

If you like to share your opinion or even the things you discover, then blogging is a great thing to do. Most likely you already are a blogger if you found this post, but if you found this post another way, then give blogging a try. There are more services than WordPress. I also have a Tumblr blog and there is Blogger and other services too.

5) Walk

Going on a walk at lunch time helps break up the day, keeps you active, and can be refreshing. If you have some good scenery near your place of work, take a camera with you.

These five suggestions will hopefully help you get some ideas going. I will have more ideas in the coming weeks and each one will be more detailed than these. Enjoy and do something useful at lunch time!


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