I do have some very strong opinions on topics of the world. I have criticisms, like everyone, and for those who may be reading some of my more opinionated content, I have prepared this disclaimer. There varying personalities in this world and some people may be shocked, offended, or completely ignorant to some of the things I may say. So, if you fall into any of the proceeding categories of people, please do not read or comment on my posts.


Selective Attention Disorder: 

If you suffer from selective attention disorder, then it would be a good idea to stay away from my blog. People with SAD tend to read or hear certain details and ignore everything else presented to them. People suffering from SAD also have the propensity to hold on to that little bit of information as if it is the complete representation of what they were reading or hearing, and then become completely bent out of shape over it. Here is an example: a certain teenager I know suffers from this. If I was to say to them ,“if you get all of your homework done by 7:30, we may be able to go out for ice cream.” What they really hear is, “we’re going out for ice cream.”  After a few hours of texting, taking breaks and not doing much homework, the following conversation usually takes place.

“When are we going for ice cream?”

“We’re not.”

“You said we were!”

“No. I said if you finished your homework before 7:30 we may be able to go.”

“You are such a liar! You promised me we would go. You even said ‘I promise.’”

“I never promised anything.”

“You are such a liar and I hate you! You get me all excited by promising me ice cream, then change your mind!”

“You need to start listening better. Nothing was promised and my mind never changed. If you wanted ice cream, you should have payed attention and did your homework.”

If you read this dialog and thought,”that poor girl didn’t get her ice cream,” then you should just stop reading this post and go on with your life.


People who only see in black and white:

I don’t mean people who are completely color-blind. I am talking about people who think of everything in terms of all or nothing. There are only two options for everything. You are either right or wrong. There is no in-between. There are only two, opposite extremes. There is no gray area. I’m not bashing this way of thinking. There are situations where this is true. I even make an agreement in my mind about certain topics, that there is only black or white. To do this in every aspect of your life is silly and there is a very good reason for me to say that; mankind is  the gray area. We live in the gray area. We are our own worst contradictions. The very worst of us are not completely evil and the best of us are not always the best. Evil people are still capable of compassion and good people are still capable of wrongdoing. Evil people show compassion and good people commit wrongdoing. Everyday. 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I can absolutely respect that. However, if you like to blatantly dismiss facts to support your opinion and paint a gray picture as being completely black or completely white, then maybe you won’t enjoy my posts too much. When it comes to our actions, though, there should be no gray area. So in that regard, you are more than welcome to try to be as good as you can.


Those with low comprehension:

Everyone works in different ways. We are all wired differently. Some people have trouble understanding things. It can be very frustrating to not understand something. Sometimes people who have trouble understanding are labeled as simple-minded. This really isn’t true. Simple-minded people tend to like simplicity and don’t care to have their lives complicated. They do everything simply (this doesn’t mean inefficiently or poorly) and they don’t pursue understanding of things beyond what is readily apparent. People with low comprehension usually do want to know things, they just can’t get past some mental hurdles that prevent them from understanding. People who suffer from this tend to think everything they don’t like is “stupid.” They hate things they don’t understand. Unfortunately, the people that I have met who have this trait, don’t really realize they have it or won’t believe they have it. This is frustrating not only for that person, but also the people around them.


Now, I didn’t do this to make fun of anyone. I didn’t do this to point out anybody’s flaws. I did this because I realize that all of us are guilty of these things at points in our lives and some of us have the tendency to do these things more often. I could have kept going. I could have made a much longer list. This isn’t really a disclaimer. I welcome anyone with any opinion to read my posts. Consider this my first opinionated post and realize this: we all have biases. We all have life experiences and personalities that lead us to our own opinions and conclusions. My warning is to not let yourself get in the way of yourself. Don’t let your biases prevent you from expanding your mind or learning anything new. Keep reading if you choose. Feel free to leave your feedback as well, just be professional about it. 


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