As I get ready to leave on vacation Thursday, I’m faced with a tough choice; what stays and what goes? I need to minimize the computer gear I take with me. I won’t be bringing my Wacom tablet or really any periperals at all. Maybe a mouse. Definitely USB cables and my external drive. As for camera gear, I definitely need a new bag. I’m traveling with kids. My shoulder bag won’t do. I’m leaving my film gear behind. That’s a good thing. My Pentax and my vintage lenses are heavy. I’m bringing my EOS 20D, Tamron 28-200 lens, Holga pinhole lens, batteries, charger, CF card, my point-and-shoot and my smartphone. The other space in my new bag can be used for snacks and diapers. Any suggestions for a bag? Something that will fit these needs and can be purchased locally. I can’t wait for sunshine and pictures on the beach!


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