The Lunch Hour Revolution #1

These posts are intended for people who claim they are “too busy” to pursue things that we think should be done in our spare time. Spare time just doesn’t fall in your lap. You have to make time. These posts will focus on things that can be done in the little time set aside for lunch.

So for the first post, I thought we could start with something pretty basic: Make a list. What are some things you have had on your mind? Things that have been weighing you down and you can’t divert your thoughts away from them until you actually do them. Get creative. These are things you can possibly do on your lunch or over several lunches, so know that you will have limitations and try to think within them. What do you have access to during your lunch break? How long is your lunch break? Do you have a place available to you for working on personal things at lunch time? Do you have a laptop or smartphone? Make your list based on needs, desires, and curiosity. Remember, this is your time to accomplish things you may think you never have time for.
Keep that list at the ready. You can also keep adding to it if you want. I add to mine every week.


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