The Revolution (One Hour At A Time)

I’ve been bouncing this idea around for a while now. I have plenty of ideas that get jotted down in notebooks and stay there. Some of my ideas get stuck in my head and stay there. The worst ideas are the wasted ideas. 

Where I work, we have a 45 minute lunch break. In that time I like to work on other things. I will edit photos, research products, read the news, fix something, or slowly work on a project on my lunch breaks over a period of time. 

I began to wonder what other people do on their lunch. I’ve asked my coworkers, friends, relatives, and even my wife what they do at lunch. I got varying answers. Some people run errands. Some people read books. Many people use that time for phone calls. Others nap or listen to the radio. I found that most people eat their lunch and then do nothing. They either sit there enjoying the silence, nap, or listen to the radio. I understand that lunch time is a break, but I wonder if people realize just how much they can accomplish in that designated personal time. 

One of my most recent lunch-time projects was restoring a broken lamp. In just a couple days, I dismantled, cleaned, stripped, repaired, rewired, repainted, and assembled a broken work lamp. The biggest reason why I’ve thought about this and why I bring this topic up, is because all I ever hear anymore is how people have no time. People rush everywhere. 

“I wish I had time to read a book.”

“I wish I had time to watch movies.”

“I wish I had time to learn a new skill.”

“I wish I had time to keep up on current events.”

I know not everyone gets 45 minutes for lunch. I know you can’t finish some things in 45 minutes (I usually watch movies 45 minutes at a time). I think because a lunch break is personal time, that people just use it to unwind. That’s fine. I know that for me and most of my coworkers, after spending a lunch break relaxing, the rest of the day goes slow. I usually prefer not to slow down because I don’t want to get moving again. If people really are as busy as they say (I know I am), and they aren’t able to invest time in things they want to do, why not invest their lunch time into themselves?

I should add that I don’t always get a lunch break. When I don’t, it’s a major disappointment. That’s my time taken away from me. Time I could be spending on a blog post, a book I could read, a skill I could learn, a topic I could inform myself on, an item on my ever-growing list of things I want to accomplish that I could be 45 minutes closer to crossing off.

I want to start a regular, weekly posting. Each week, I want to post an idea for lunch time. It may even be something I’m currently doing or want to do. We live in the age of the internet and smartphones. There is so much information out there to take advantage of. Anything is attainable if you set your mind to it and the information to do it is usually just a click away. Stop putting things off. 

Look out for my weekly posts. I’ll title them The Lunch Hour Revolution. Also look for the tag #lunchhrrevolution here on WordPress, on Tumblr and on Twitter. If you have a great lunch time idea, post it with that tag!


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